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Restart everything

This site is now up for two days, and I’ve given the news already on our Facebook page. After a long time that was filled with „other stuff“ I devote my full workforce on this short again. The short was hovering in a „first cut“ stage for a long time, and that’s where I pick up. Recutting everything, adding the effects, working on the Sound.

The later is one that got me thinking. My first Idea while filming and planing this thing was to let the sound be very abstract. Athmospheres with Sfx, some synthsized music-esque theme for the antagonist. But now I’m thinking about changing that. A bit. I had this soundscapes preproduced. And this would have been the only Sounds. But now I think to have this synthesizer-sounds, which are rather harsh, for the Antagonist, the Ghost, and classic Filmscore for the Protagonist. This would be a nice additional level of storytelling. Have to think it through, just came to me this morning as an opportunity showed itself…