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George P .Schnyders Vision of J-Horror sends us into an old Barnyard that was rebuild as modern flats with an unique Style. We follow the female protagonist played by Nadine Petry who takes a parcel for the Neighbors, which doesn't seem to be the best Idea she had.
The whole Short will be done in one really cool looking Location, a restored Barnyard. The manor House of it to be perfectly clear.

There will be some outside shots, but the mainstory evolves in this old building.
Besides George, who wrote the Story and will direct it and take the Job as HDSLR-Operator there are some other Jobs that we will need.
Cast-vise we had to, after the first day of shooting, completely exchange the Cast. So stay tuned for an announcement.

About the Filmmaker

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George P .Schnyder is Filmmaker and Autodidact, working since over 15 Years in the realm of Filmmaking.
Besides being a total otaku for japanese Cinema his whole being is dominated by his Japanophilie.

His arm is tattooed in a traditional japanese Style, his philosophic views are powered by the buddhist religion, he even started studying "modern Japan" for a short time, but then switched to filmmaking full-time.

And as J-Horror is the royal league of the japanese Cinema it is an honor to be able to reinterpret something in a J-Horror Way.

The Story chosen is one that has the pace and feel of J-horror without lending too much on traditional Japanese Ghost-Stories, which could be hard to follow without the knowledge of the original.